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In March 2011, I decided to move along with the times and begin a blog.

"Norskwood Norwegian Forest Cats" are Ali, her other half Steve (who reluctantly builds and maintains the cat garden and who does all the heavy lifting!) and our toddler son Gethin who was born in September 2010, plus an assorted cast of beautiful but delightfully dotty Norwegian Forest Cats. We're based in London, UK and devote a lot of our spare time to the breeding and showing of our Norwegians.

This is an attempt to keep a kind of diary of their exploits as and when I have a spare minute in between babies, cats and kittens' demands! Hopefully you'll enjoy it...

Monday, 22 May 2017

We're Back From Cancer Treatment and We Have Kittens Too!

Well, it's been a long time since my last post- not much of a blog really is it? Last summer was a hard one because I was having chemotherapy again and I felt pretty awful.

Now, I still have cancer because the chemo didn't work as well as we'd hoped, but because I tested positive for the BRCA-1 gene mutation, new treatment options have become available. My Oncologist was able to request a new drug called a PARP Inhibitor from the drug manufacturer in America (Clovis). This particular drug isn't available in the UK yet, a similar one is, but the NHS won't allow me to have it because I didn't have 3 rounds of chemo. I've been taking this drug that has been provided to me free of charge by Clovis since November. And it's keeping the cancer at bay so far.

On an even happier note, I've been feeling a bit better (although I still spend days in bed feeling totally wiped out), and I'm delighted to announce that we have kittens currently. These are little darlings who have helped me when I've felt down and who are just gorgeous- yes, I know I'm biased. please contact Ali on 0208 529 8114 for more information. The website is in the process of being updated with more photos of Blackberry's kittens who are almost 5 weeks old, below is a photo of Mini Chilli and Marshall's girl Emily, who is 9 weeks old and has become available.

GB*Norskwood Emily- AVAILABLE

Friday, 10 June 2016

Gorgeous Norwegian Forest Kittens Available

GB*Norskwood Kitty Kinky Boots- Available
Black Silver Blotched Tabby & White Female

GB*Norskwood Kitty Boo Boo- Available
Red Spotted Tabby & White Boy

Amazingly, we have 2 wonderful kittens available to loving, permanent homes after being messed about. Kitty Kinky Boots is a very lively, playful girl and her brother Kitty Boo Boo is a very loving boy addicted to feather sticks!
They are looking for a very special home preferably with a cat proofed garden or cat run where they will be spoiled rotten and they'd just love to go to live together. They were born on 8th March 2016 and have both sets of vaccinations. Before they go to their new home they will also be neutered, micro chipped, registered with Felis Britannica/FIFe and insured for 4 weeks. They have been treated for worms and will be flea treated also.
Please either call Ali on 0208 529 8114 or email Norskwood@ntlworld.com for more information. Unfortunately, our website is down currently but we're hoping to get it back up and running in the very near future.                                  

Website isTemporarily Down!

I'm sorry to have to report that our website www.norskwood.co.uk is not available currently. I discovered that it had "disappeared" yesterday.

While I look into what's happening and try to get it back up and running again I'll use the Blog to keep everyone informed and up to date with what's going on- well hopefully! If for some reason we can't get the old Domain Name back then we are planning on setting up a new one and at the same time revamping the site a bit to get it up to speed with all the new stuff that I can't begin to understand.

In the meantime our email is fine and if anyone wishes to email to enquire about cats or kittens, then please don't hesitate to norskwood@ntworld.com or you can phone Ali for a cat chat on 0208 529 8114.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

SC & GIP GB*Norskwood Anya wishes everyone the compliments of the season

Cat House refurbishment...

What is it about people today? The cat houses were supposed to be finished in October, yet here we are 2 days before Christmas Day and the first two are still exactly the same as they were when I last posted about them and the other two haven't been touched apart from the roofs.

I've been told that the weather was to blame one day (it snowed for 10 minutes first thing). One weekend there was an emergency. Another weekend there was another emergency. Most weekends they simply didn't show up. The rubbish is still waiting to be removed, the new fittings are in my garage awaiting fitting.

The poor cats are doubled up whilst this is going on.

The chap who organised all this has now told me that he gave me the wrong price, and that it should have been several hundred pounds more. When someone has let you down repeatedly and left the work without anything being done for several weeks it doesn't endear them to you, and to be asked for more money adds insult to injury. When I used to give someone a price for looking after their cats I held to it- if I under estimated then I sucked it up as a mistake that I'd made. I didn't then ask for more money.

So, if there are any genuine people out there who would like some work insulating, lining and making good my cat houses, please contact me on 0208 529 8114 or email norskwood@ntlworld.com

Thank you and Merry Christmas! Vent over...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Refurbishment of the Cat Houses Stage Two

Ok, I've jumped Stage One- my apologies! I didn't get chance to take photos, but it entailed the replacement of all the roofs of all 4 cat houses with some super-douper heavy duty felt that will hopefully withstand the extra long claws that NFOs have!

Over the years, the cat houses have done sterling duty and have kept the cats warm and dry against the yucky London weather. The first two houses that were built by Steve have lasted very well, but had begun to leak a bit. I'd considered replacing them completely, but I'm not in a  position physically to take them down and get rid of them, and they looked to be in ok condition externally, so I decided to get them and the other two, newer ones redone.

I don't think many lay people think about all this when they enquire about pedigree cats- it's a big job making sure everything is well kept. And not exactly cheap either!

The Spare Cat House- before renovation.The boys are in here temporarily.

The Girl's Cat House- before renovation
 The above photos were taken this morning and give an idea of how they look currently. You can see where some leakage has been.

New PVC Flooring has been put in here, awaiting new insulation and lining.

Greebo's old house- totally stripped and floor part done- Mini Chilli inspects the work!
The above photos show where we are with the first two houses that are being done. we're getting a PVC flooring that will hopefully withstand any cat wee, and new insulation and plastic lining on the walls to ensure the houses are toasty warm and easy to clean. I'll try to post photos when that's done. I'm currently waiting for the chaps who're doing it- yesterday bad weather prevented any work, today and emergency has cropped up again. With luck they'll be here this afternoon.

Loving Forever Homes Wanted Please

Betty and Chilli are both searching for their forever homes. Both born in July 2009, they are 6 years old and have always been in great health. They have both been spayed and are microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, plus they are of course registered with FIFe and GCCF.They have always been beloved pampered girls and retired from our breeding programme in 2013. Ideally, I'd love to keep them both but my diagnosis of cancer is forcing my hand- I have to be sensible and find homes for some of my cat family sadly.

Champion Snowrock Bestlia aka Betty is a gentle girl who loves to play and cuddle. She gets on well with our other cats (she's been with us since she was 13 weeks old) and she gets on very well with Chilli. She loves to eat and is always first to the kitchen when it's meal time- her favourite is raw rabbit.

International Champion Norskwood Sweet Chilli aka Chilli is a typical "Naughty Tortie" and was born here to Mum Sparky and Dad Greebo! She runs round the cat garden at top speeed and loves to play. She adores raw food and will chew into a packet if it's left out to defrost treating it as an ice lolly! She is an affectionate cat with a strong personality.

Both girls are very beautiful and deserve loving homes. They require homes where they will be able to access a cat proofed garden or cat run. If you haven't had experience of this it is very easy to do and will ensure that the cats are kept safe and sound yet still be able to get exercise and fresh air. I hve a list of companies who can do this for you, provide kits or you can do it yourself.

Please call me on 0208 529 8114 or email norskwood@ntlworld.com for more information. There are more photos of the girls on my website www.norskwood.co.uk